Character footnotes

When completing the footnotes from each book, you will of course also come across footnotes that are specifically about certain characters.

That’s why I started adding these footnotes to the character pages. I have no idea if there will be many, but I think it’s a nice addition.

Some examples

Nanny heaved the unconsious elf on to her schoulders without much effort.*

As has been pointed out earlier in the Discworld chronicles, entire agricultural economies have been based on the lifting power of little old ladies in black dresses.
Lords and Ladies, p. 149

while Greebo gratefully sank his claws into her arm to the bone*

'He's just an old soppy really' - from the Nanny Ogg Book of Cat Sayings.
Lords and Ladies, p. 265

Dibbler sold his hot sausages only when all else failed.*

It wasn't the taste. Plenty of hot dogs taste bad. But Dibbler had now actually managed to produce sausages that didn't taste of anything. It was weird. No matter how much mustard, ketchup and pickle people put on them, they still didn't taste of anything. Not even the midnight dogs they sell to drunks in Helsinki can quite manage that.
Soul Music, p. 161