Mrs Eunice Proust

Mrs Eunice Proust is the owner of the Boffo Joke Emporium, where many of the mountain witches get their supplies. She is extremely ugly, with a hooked nose and many warts and blemishes so she bases the masks she creates at the shop on her own face.

20606pb01 Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, Mid-Length Scraggly with Dark Purple Floppy Witch Hat with Orange Patch Pattern

3626cpb1413 Minifigure, Head Female Green Lips, Eye Shadow, Wart and Wrinkles, Smile with White Tooth Pattern – Hollow Stud

973pb1092c01 Torso Female Dress with Gold Belt, Shoulder Straps and Medium Azure Necklace Pattern / Dark Tan Arms / Yellow Hands

981982 Arm, (Matching Left and Right) Pair in Reddish Brown.

3678bpb017 Slope 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Bottom Tube with Minifigure Dress / Skirt / Robe, Rope Belt, Tatters, and Stitches Pattern

3626bpb0456 Minifigure, Head Female Dark Green Lips and Warts, Black Cheek Lines and Eyelashes Pattern – Blocked Open Stud

Serves as one of the masks sold in the shop.